- Engine:2005 Viper V-10 / Transmission: 48RE,4 speed automatic / Rear Axle: Mopar 8 3/4" / Custom Chassis.

Tasks to be Performed by A&M D.C.I.:

Complete body restoration.

- Body restyling.

- Custom chassis.

- Wiring.

- All  Finish work leading up to paint and upholstery.

- All assembly work after paint to get it turn key operation.

- His Great Grandpa purchased this car in 1940 and drove the car all the time, but he was forced to stop driving it due to poor eye sight around 1951. After his grandpa couldn't drive any more,his uncle took possession the car for many years and kept it inside, but it was never driven again or worked on. It changed hands again and his 
cousin had possession of it for 14 years. It was kept under a tarp outside in Seattle, which was pretty hard on it! Finally it was given to our client a few years back. Now he gets to finally fulfill his long term wishes for the car in building it into a "Resto-mod" driver with the all the modern drive train and conveniences.