1954 Desoto, Custom


  - Engine: 2004 LS 6.0, Transmission: 4L80E, I.F.S.: '85 S-10, Axle: '85 S-10, Suspension: Air ride.

A&M D.C.I. tasks performed:

  - Chop Design: Willie

  - Chop layout: A&M / Mark

  - Chop initial set up and placement: Willie.

  - Chop final completion: A&M completed all welds and the fabrication of all rear turret parts,  trunk 

    filler panel and roof filler strips. 

​  - Metal finishing of roof: A&M DCI.


​1954 Desoto, Traditional Custom. This 4 door Desoto belonged to our good friend Willies grandfather. Willies grandfather was a automobile whisperer of sorts, he could feel the hood of a car, listen as it was running and know what was wrong with it! Today we have a OBDII scanners to take care of that! Willie remembers riding in this tan sedan when he was a child and was always fond of it. The car never left the family and eventually Willies brother had it for a while but never found the time to do any thing with it. I remember in mid 2011 Willie and I where talking about this car and his dream to customize it into a Traditional Style build. We'll that was the catalyst/ motivator to take on the build and in September 2011 Willie & his wife Shawna went and retrieved the car from his brother in Montana. Willie wanted to do as much as he could, so I helped with the rules, doe's & don't s of chopping a top, and a approach on the layout. Before I knew it he was going to town on this car and had the roof sliced and diced and the rear doors welded to the car. I made a few consultation visits, one with my Tig Welder to help Willie rough out the basic shape. Then the car was hauled over to our shop to complete the rear roof, trunk filler, splitting of the roof front to back, quarter windows, door tops, door gaping, and the complete tig welding and metal finishing of all components.
If you ever get to see this one in person, its a real treat for anybody who likes traditional / old school builds.
Thanks for looking,