- Purchased new by father and mother when there son was born. It was eventually driven by the son in high school and then              parked in the barn for many years. The son eventually procured the car and set out to restore it to a whole new level with                 today's drive train and suspension. 


  - Engine: LS3 6.2L, 480 hp / Transmission: Tremic 6-speed / Axle: Moser 12 bolt with Dutchman Motorsports axles / Suspension:          Detroit Speed and Engineering, Stage 3 kit / Shocks: JRI /  Wilwood 13" brakes.

A&M D.C.I. tasks performed:

  - Quarter panels: Lower patch panels and straighten.

  - Doors: Small rust repair and straighten, add mirror backing plate in right door, modify gaps to show quality.

  - Floor, main: Make small repair panels and install.

  - Floor, trunk: Replace with reproduction.

  - Tail light panel: Use reproduction bottom lip to replace originals rusty area. ( Repro was not even close to fitting)!

  - Trunk filler panel: Use reproduction front edge to replace originals rusty area. ( Repro was not even close to fitting)!

  - Fenders: Repair rust and straighten and fit as required.

  - Hood: Fit reproduction and fit as required.

  - Sail to quarters: Tig weld seam and re-lead like factory.

  - Dash: Remove dash and repair rusty areas on edges and on body.

  - Speaker panel: Repaired due to previously made speaker holes. 

  - Firewall: Custom made.

  - Trans tunnel: Custom made to fit around the bigger transmission.

  - Chassis: Boxed by customer and finished welded and metal finished by A&M.

  - Electrical: Complete body, chassis and engine harnesses and testing of  all systems.

  - Exhaust: Fitting and modification of 3" Magnalflow exhaust system.

  - Engine compartment: The fitting of all components for a clean look.

  - Fuel & Brake lines: Custom S.S. tubing with A-N fittings and braid hoses.

  - Seats, front: Modify seat mounts and tracks to make them sit lower and 2" back for tall driver.

1966 Chevrolet "MALIBU"