- Documented Canadian COPO Camaro, with all numbers matching engine, trans and     rear axle.

  - Engine: 427ci  / Muncie 4-speed / Axle: Nodular 12 bolt.


A&M D.C.I. tasks performed:

  - Quarter panels: Installed GM NOS parts.

  - Floor, main: Repaired sections.

  - Trunk floor: Redo spot welds on previously installed reproduction to look like


  - Doors: Install Repro skin on right door and straightened left original door.

  - Tail panel: Fit and installed GM NOS part.

  - Hood: Fit and Fixed miss spot welded area on GM NOS part.

  - Valence, upper: Fitted and realigned edges on GM NOS part. 

  - Fenders: Fitted GM NOS parts.

  - Body: Aligned all body panels for a factory GM fit.

1969 "COPO" Camaro